BOT Expose: The Godfather



B.O.T. Exposed: The Godfather

We know about the syndicates in the movies and also in our justice system. But as we know the Board of Trustees President is only a puppet and a minion. (NO WONDER HIS TUMMY IS NEAR THE PELVIS) of the big businessesman of the biggest (sic) mall in bacolod.

A certain man called “Ben Lopue” the Chairman of the Board of Trustees has a plan in mind. By conquering the church to make it their own and also to revert it as a chapel in order for their business will grow. He is known as a hard critic in the Bishops and priests and according to our source he is an Extraordinary minister of Communion in fact he left because of his business.

His silent agenda is being made by the St. John’s Institute Board of Trustees and their number 1 agenda is to claim the church for their own. The selfishness and greed made by the B.O.T. has grown into conflict and hatred to the priests. The bandwagons, followers and asskissers of the B.O.Ts are campaigning against the Queen of Peace Parish in fact the said parish does not give a damn about the school. He and his B.O.T. also alleged Bishop Navarra now Bishop Emeritus that the diocese wants to creep into the school (Mr. Lopue the Bishop has no interest in the school) The Minions of Lopue are also known as B.O.T. are spreading this alleged lie and did not gave a seat to the diocese to the B.O.T.

We formulated an analysis why they don’t want to have the diocese in the seat of the B.O.T.

#1. Board of Trustees are responsible for the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society priest to leave the diocese and in order to cover their lie they won’t allow the bishop to discover more.

#2. They want a salesian who is not recognized by the Bishop to enter the school.

#3. MORE LIES AND CORRUPTION WILL BE REVEALED. Wala na bamg utak at consciensya ang Board of Trustees? Dahil gusto lang nila makuha ang pera ng Simbahan at eskwelahan ng St. John’s?

To the B.O.T. Have fun!


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