BOT Exposed: Why LRMS left Bacolod?


BOT Exposed: The real reason why LRMS left Bacolod.

The Lorenzo Mission Society a top pioneer in Religious formation in the Chinese community entered the Diocese of Bacolod in the 90’s. It was the time when the Queen of Peace Parish and the St. John’s Institute grew in it’s peak and what others call as the golden age of Hua Ming. And under the good pastoral leadership of Fr. Noly Que. A big record happened in Queen of Peace Parish when Mons. Bong Lo was ordained at the Queen of Peace Parish.

It was a great time to be a student in SJI and a volunteer in the Queen of Peace Parish. But great things need to end…

Before Mons. Su the founding principal Died who happened to be a co- founder of LRMS complained that LRMS are always absent and neglects their duty in school an at church and making the B.O.T. scout for other congregations. But many don’t believe in this ridiculous made up claim.

Mons. Noly Que was the B.O.T. (Board of Trustees) school president after Bishop Vicente Navarra left the position was accused by some members of the B.O.T. the group of Ben Lopue and Ceasar Villanueva. Who stole the money of the school and of the church. But according to our reliable sources Fr. Que said, “Kung na ngawat ako kamo ngagawat man! Ky kung wala perma niyo indi ma kuha ang kwarta” (IF I STOLE MONEY YOU ALSO DID IT” BECAUSE WITHOUT THE SIGNATURE OF ALL MEMEBERS OF THE BOARD THE BUDGET WILL NEVER BE RELEASED!”)

An unfortunate event happened. That Monsignor Noly was not informed that a new Board of Trustees President was elected, and guess it was the Villanueva. Other made up stories of the Board of Trustees against the LRMS follows…

1. Priest scandal because they saw a priest joining together with some sji students and spreading that he is gay. And has a mistress (chick)

2. Spreading the scandal that the LRMS are stealing all the money.

And thus Monsignor Noly Left and assigned in Manila, the church was taken over by Fr. Tieng and Fr. Sabado. After Mons. Su Died, Mons. Bong Lo showed the Memorandum of Agreement between the LRMS and the diocese but it did not work since the trouble was getting worst. Many also claimed that during B.O.T. meetings they did not invite the priests of LRMS. (A catholic school is required to have at least a priest to be on the top position in order to be called Catholic but the Board did not even allowed priests of Queen of Peace to attend) and the LRMS decided to leave because of the worst things that is happening. Easter Sunday 2015 the Lorenzo Mission Society priests turned over the parish to the Diocese of Bacolod,

BISHOP VICENTE NAVARRA (Now Bishop Emeritus)was the parish priest and Fr. ERNIE LARIDA as Rector. As the days go by even months before the Holy week 2015 the BOT scouted another congregation the Salesians of Don Bosco but the Bishop did not authorize them.


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