The SJI Board of Trustees or B.O.T. are the administrators of the school named St. John’s Institute a school of Filipino Chinese students. The history of the place is so intense that the Church and the businessmen will fight for the true ownership. But the battle sill continues; the wars is getting bigger and bigger like a bomb that is dropped from one place to another. The Real owner the Roman catholic Diocese of Bacolod has several supporting documents but still the Board of Trustees are fighting for it as if they owned it. History tells us that Mons. Su a priest a founding principal of the school said according to the B.O.T., “He who owns the school owns the church.”

The Church Queen of Peace Parish is situated at the same place standing at the lot donated by the Monetelibano family in favor of the Church to promote Chinese Filipino Apostolate. The Church has elevated to be a parish under the reign of Mons. Liu one of the Founding fathers of Hua Ming. Until the 90’s the Lorenzo Mission Institute handled the church until 2015.

The original structure of the B.O.T. is to have priests in order to preserve the Catholic identity of the School but the B.O.T. has screwed priests and did not allowed them to enter the board.

So What has the school become? A Non Sectarian since 2015. What have you become dear members of the Board? Has fame and money blinded you? Because you want to rule the Parish and make it a chapel? Are you bishops? Are priests to manage a church?

HOW AWFUL! Woe unto you! Cesear Villanueva your greed has eaten you like a worm that decays a corps, Mr. Arnel Palanca a mouth that runs the place; careful may be it is the demons that controls it, Arabelle Lopue go shout at your own life cry out loud as if your agenda will win but in the end it will not, Ben Lopue wala ka bang awa? you asked the parishioners and the people to boycott the Mass in 2015 and using Cesar as your pawn to allow the greed to eat you up for the sake of Business; YOU ARE NOT A BISHOP!

And you Mr. Willam Chua alam mo mali ka but your greed made you blind. And you Mr. Coo umalis ka na sa pwesto mo! SHAME ON YOU! YOU DON’T OWN THE CHURCH! THE DIOCESE OWNS THE CHURCH FOR THE PEOPLE AND FOR EVERYONE NOT JUST THE CHINESE FILIPINO BUT FOR THE POOR. Mons. Liu and Su are crying because their mission has been destoryed by the SJI Board of Trustees! The SJI Community and the Alumnis and their friends are now disgusted to the school due to the people who wants the Church and using priests for their greed.






We the people of Bacolod and some parts of the diocese have come together to call the ATTENTION of Bishop Patricio Buzon, D.D. the Bishop of Bacolod. We have heared the news about the Queen of Peace Church a.k.a Hua Ming Church and also the St. John’s Institute which some of us came from that school. A school we treasure widely as our heritage. But we are sad of what is happening. We are sad that the mission of Mons. Liu the Parish Priest and Mons. Su the founding principal and the people who work and supported Hua Ming FAILED!. Since the departure of the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society the school is not the same anymore. We have become a great school when the LRMS managed it. But sad to say good times are gone even the teachers are gone.

Bishop, as you draft the Memorandum of Agreement together with the diocese and the Board of Trustees we plead to you as our father that please do something that can bring the diocese of it’s peak, do something to save the faithful and the church from it’s desecration. If the Board of Trustees will take possession of the Church and make it as a chapel then it is already gone. A TOTAL DESECRATION. We believe that it is not the end dear bishop, because you are our hope against the enemies of the church. We are sad for the BOT because they are being blinded by money and thus they have turned evil and greedy people. Bishop Patricio please is interdict will not work and still they campaigning to claim the church for their own. We believe that withdrawal will not help totally.

We want to let you hear our voices in our hearts crying.


Excommunication is a good solution for them to realize that penance is proper for them and it is a way for them to realize that what they done is not for God but for themselves.


TOP 10 Harassments of Board of Trustees of Hua Ming


We all know that the issue in the Queen of Peace Parish has become the focal point of all in the Diocese of Bacolod. A great battle between the Businessmen of St. John’s Institute and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bacolod. Where the B.O.T. or Board of Trustees strongly growls in their claim for the said church which is Queen of Peace; a beautiful structure in the city that has become a land mark. But here are the top 10 Harrassments of the Board of Trustees against the Priest in the Diocese of Bacolod

#10: THE SALESIAN PRIESTS ENTRY IN THE SCHOOL WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION OF BISHOP NAVARRA (NOW BISHOP EMERITUS OF BACOLOD) – The entry of Don Bosco priest is also a major issue where as the Board of Trustees has called them to run the school in order to “preserve” the school’s Catholic identity has been a source of conflict between the parish (the Queen of Peace Church) and the school. Where the said rumors that the Salesians wants to possess also the parish by themselves. It is a form of a harassment and disobedience.

#9: INVENTING STORIES THAT THE LRMS PRIESTS ARE GAY AND ALSO HAS A GIRLFRIEND. – Priests who are good looking men are often being rumored and given malice. An issue sprung up that a priest who is close to the students, playing basketball is being rumored as a gay and also the other one is accused of having a mistress and a girlfriend. Although it is a crazy made up stories made by the Board of Trustees because the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Institute has become the real identity of the school and the church and providing quality education and spiritual maturity.

#8: USING MONSGINOR SU AS THEIR ALIBIS FOR THEIR OWN INTEREST – Monsginor Su a big name in the school. Is the school’s founding principal Board of Trustees are using him as their alibi and a weapon in order to combat against the Diocese. In my opinion it is a great disgrace to their founder by using him as their excuse to gain their interest.

#7: POSTING THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT THE QUEEN OF PEACE PARISH IS NOW A “CHAPEL” – After the letter from the bishop is released last February 14, 2017, the SJI board of trustees automatically spread the news that the said parish has become a “chapel” and thus it lost it’s territory. But the letter did not state it that it will be a chapel.

#6: PUTTING UP THE TARPULINS AND GIVING A LETTER FROM THEIR LAWYERS THAT THE CONVENT WILL BECOME THEIR OFFICE, CLINIC AND CANTEERN. – The Board of trustees president Cesar Villanueva has sent a letter to the rector Fr. Larida to vacate the convent and leave it to the school since they are the “legal” owners. In fact the deed of donation is given to the diocese. A threat made by the board of trustees a strategy to let the priests and other church workers leave the place.

#5: ACCUSING THE PRIEST AND THE PARISH PASTORAL PRESIDENT OF HARRASSMENT WITH THEIR SO CALLED SALESIAN PARTNERS. – After the installation of Bishop Buzon, the Rector saw the tarpaulins that shows a canteen, a new clinic and also an alumni office and tried to take it down. The parish pastoral council president only got mad with the wrong doings of the salesian priest since he is also putting down his fellow priest. But they were accuse of harassment and slapping the said salesian priest.

#4: HARRASSING MINORS AND CHURCH WORKERS IN PUBLIC – April 1, 2017 a group of Church workers and young volunteers including minors was ordered by the Parish to put up the announcement that there is NO MASS, gate closed by the B.O.T. to be hang in the fances of the church. A certain man of the Board of Trustees the so called Arnel Palanca shouted at them an even threaten them in public. In which it happen during the lockdown of the gates through the order of the B.O.T.

#3: TELLING THE GUARDS TO SHOOT THE PRIEST FOR NOT PASSING IN THEIR GATE – According to our reliable sources Fr. Habana the assistant priest tried to pass by the main gate but the guards reported the said priest to the so called Arnel Palanca. And tried to tell the guards to shoot the priest.

#2: ACCUSING FR. NOLY QUE FOR STEALING MONEY AND OTHER LORENZO RUIZ MISSION SOCIETY PRIESTS IN THE SCHOOL – Fr. Noly Que a good priest in the parish who is one of the pioneers in the golden age of Hua Ming has been accused of stealing money. This strategy of the said Board of Trustees is to make him leave the position including the church.

#1: THE TARPULIN AND THE LOCKDOWN ISSUE – We all know the issue of the tarpaulin and the lockdown. According to some witness Fr. Larida only tapped the stomach of Cesar Villanueva and saying, “Ano gid ang gusto mo?, tapuson ta lang ni” Fr. Larida’s intention is to restore harmony in Queen of Peace but the said person Mr. Cesar called out the news and spread the lies that he was pushed and punched by the Priest. Until he ordered the lockdown of the main gates which is the worst incident in Hua Ming and also the Parish. Bishop Buzon the current Bishop even ordered that there will be no mass until the gates are open.




BOT Expose: The Godfather



B.O.T. Exposed: The Godfather

We know about the syndicates in the movies and also in our justice system. But as we know the Board of Trustees President is only a puppet and a minion. (NO WONDER HIS TUMMY IS NEAR THE PELVIS) of the big businessesman of the biggest (sic) mall in bacolod.

A certain man called “Ben Lopue” the Chairman of the Board of Trustees has a plan in mind. By conquering the church to make it their own and also to revert it as a chapel in order for their business will grow. He is known as a hard critic in the Bishops and priests and according to our source he is an Extraordinary minister of Communion in fact he left because of his business.

His silent agenda is being made by the St. John’s Institute Board of Trustees and their number 1 agenda is to claim the church for their own. The selfishness and greed made by the B.O.T. has grown into conflict and hatred to the priests. The bandwagons, followers and asskissers of the B.O.Ts are campaigning against the Queen of Peace Parish in fact the said parish does not give a damn about the school. He and his B.O.T. also alleged Bishop Navarra now Bishop Emeritus that the diocese wants to creep into the school (Mr. Lopue the Bishop has no interest in the school) The Minions of Lopue are also known as B.O.T. are spreading this alleged lie and did not gave a seat to the diocese to the B.O.T.

We formulated an analysis why they don’t want to have the diocese in the seat of the B.O.T.

#1. Board of Trustees are responsible for the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society priest to leave the diocese and in order to cover their lie they won’t allow the bishop to discover more.

#2. They want a salesian who is not recognized by the Bishop to enter the school.

#3. MORE LIES AND CORRUPTION WILL BE REVEALED. Wala na bamg utak at consciensya ang Board of Trustees? Dahil gusto lang nila makuha ang pera ng Simbahan at eskwelahan ng St. John’s?

To the B.O.T. Have fun!

BOT Exposed: Why LRMS left Bacolod?


BOT Exposed: The real reason why LRMS left Bacolod.

The Lorenzo Mission Society a top pioneer in Religious formation in the Chinese community entered the Diocese of Bacolod in the 90’s. It was the time when the Queen of Peace Parish and the St. John’s Institute grew in it’s peak and what others call as the golden age of Hua Ming. And under the good pastoral leadership of Fr. Noly Que. A big record happened in Queen of Peace Parish when Mons. Bong Lo was ordained at the Queen of Peace Parish.

It was a great time to be a student in SJI and a volunteer in the Queen of Peace Parish. But great things need to end…

Before Mons. Su the founding principal Died who happened to be a co- founder of LRMS complained that LRMS are always absent and neglects their duty in school an at church and making the B.O.T. scout for other congregations. But many don’t believe in this ridiculous made up claim.

Mons. Noly Que was the B.O.T. (Board of Trustees) school president after Bishop Vicente Navarra left the position was accused by some members of the B.O.T. the group of Ben Lopue and Ceasar Villanueva. Who stole the money of the school and of the church. But according to our reliable sources Fr. Que said, “Kung na ngawat ako kamo ngagawat man! Ky kung wala perma niyo indi ma kuha ang kwarta” (IF I STOLE MONEY YOU ALSO DID IT” BECAUSE WITHOUT THE SIGNATURE OF ALL MEMEBERS OF THE BOARD THE BUDGET WILL NEVER BE RELEASED!”)

An unfortunate event happened. That Monsignor Noly was not informed that a new Board of Trustees President was elected, and guess it was the Villanueva. Other made up stories of the Board of Trustees against the LRMS follows…

1. Priest scandal because they saw a priest joining together with some sji students and spreading that he is gay. And has a mistress (chick)

2. Spreading the scandal that the LRMS are stealing all the money.

And thus Monsignor Noly Left and assigned in Manila, the church was taken over by Fr. Tieng and Fr. Sabado. After Mons. Su Died, Mons. Bong Lo showed the Memorandum of Agreement between the LRMS and the diocese but it did not work since the trouble was getting worst. Many also claimed that during B.O.T. meetings they did not invite the priests of LRMS. (A catholic school is required to have at least a priest to be on the top position in order to be called Catholic but the Board did not even allowed priests of Queen of Peace to attend) and the LRMS decided to leave because of the worst things that is happening. Easter Sunday 2015 the Lorenzo Mission Society priests turned over the parish to the Diocese of Bacolod,

BISHOP VICENTE NAVARRA (Now Bishop Emeritus)was the parish priest and Fr. ERNIE LARIDA as Rector. As the days go by even months before the Holy week 2015 the BOT scouted another congregation the Salesians of Don Bosco but the Bishop did not authorize them.

The Corruption of the BOT President of Hua Ming!



BOT President Exposed The Great magnanimous a.k.a. the Villanueva Has alleged corrupt and plunder cases according to our insiders and reliable sources.
Particularly Pax Christi Pilipinas And other organizations that he is involved.
According to other source Villanueva has cases pending in court. Pax Christi Pilipinas his favorite organization is famous for forming and holding seminars about PEACE and conflict. As educator [sic] himself (as he claimed) also criticizes teachers of the said school SJI as “incompetent” where it could lead into the downfall of the school and making conflicts and hatred in the institution.
It was alleged that he represented the Pax Christi Pilipinas without the authorization of the main director who happens to be a priest. He (Villanueva) has been the main pioneer and makes plan for money agendas. Thus making the said organization as his source of power and corruption.



The TRUTH: Why Bishop Navarra denied of reverting the Queen Peace Parish to Chapel




Monsignor John Su: “Make the Queen of Peace Parish return to it’s original state as a school Chapel”; Bishop Navarra Denies it.

A letter claimed to be made by Monsinor John Su in 2012 wished to revert the Queen of Peace Parish to a school chapel with a reason that the parochial activities also hampered the school activities. Why did the Bishop (Now the Bishop Emeritus) Denied the wish of the Good Old Mons. SU?

The answer is simple: Monsignori Su is the founding principal of St. John’s Institute as history tells us that Monsignor John Liu is the one who is incharge of the Parish since he was assigned as the Parish Priest of Queen of Peace Church when it was elevated into a parish status. When Fr. Liu died Monsignor Noly Que, LRMS took his place as the parish priest of the said church and it is not Fr. John Su who many still perceived as the successor of Fr. John Liu. Mons. John Su is not the parish priest of the Church therefore he has no authority to tell the bishop to revert it to a chapel. Even if the board of trustees claims, “HE WHO RUNS THE SCHOOL RUNS THE CHURCH.” Let us put into a perspective that even if Mons. Su runs the school he does not run the parish church because it is independent. That is why the BOT the said successors of Mons. Su are growling to get the church of their own agendas.

But hey! Look at the next thing that will happen. B.O.T. s may be successful in this battle in the dark times of the diocese and the parish but in the end the sun will shine and a new springtime will happen until the war is over.

The TRUTH: Sino ngayon ang basag-ulo? Si Fr. Larida o si Villanueva at mga tuta nya?



Ngayon sino ang pala-away? Si Father Larida na tinawag nilang basabulero na pari na sinuntok daw si Cesar Villanueva at si Manong Guard? O Ang BOT at ang kanilang mga asong tahol ng tahol sa internet? Look at SJI memes melt church gate beams fan page… A supporter of BOT ng Hua Ming… Walang mapost ng tama! Puro irrelivant and they can’t defend their principles esp. ang principyo ng BOT. Ah… Dahil sa inyo ang mainstream media? Tapos, gusto nyo ipaboksing ang dalawa? Tayo na lang magboksing, kaqchikel na follower ni Villanueva! Well, let us see! Magbalotbalot na kayo, mga ungas!

The TRUTH about the Lockdown of Queen of Peace Church

Greeting to all the readers of this blog! April 1, 2017 at around 2pm people in the church was surprised of what has happened. The gates are closed and locked by the order of the BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The Priest who will celebrate the Holy Mass at 5:30pm was surprised of what has happened. Immediately called the Bishop and ordered that the Mass will be suspended until the gates are opened. But let us now go behind the real incident. The so called Fr. Larida who happens to be the Rector of the parish orderd that the tarpaulin with Lenten celebrations be hanged in the fences of the Church. But the Guards and the Board of Trustees personnel saw and tried to take down. Fr. Larida saw the so called Mr. Villanueva approached him touching his tummy mildly and playfully said, “Let us finish this!” immediately Mr. Villanueva spat the hand of the priest and made up stories that he was chopped and punched by the Priest. Then because of the upset of the BOT and Mr. Villanueva they locked up the gates where the vehicle and the people pass by. The Parish signified that there will be no Mass that will happen because the closure of the gates. Media Personnel came and interviewed the priest who is scheduled to say Mass. At night according to our reliable sources Monsignor Galbines from the Diocese of Bacolod came with a message from the Bishop to resume the Masses.
The next day Mr. Villanueva and the Board of Trustees called up the Newspaper and some media personnel and made up stories that he was punched and kicked while the guard was also punched by the priest and his parish personnel (Uhm, manong guard di ka naman ginalaw ng pari sa pwesto mo o kung sinong tao bakit ka damay?) So who is responsible for the lockdown? The Priests? Or The Board of Trustees? Can we have a harmony in this place? Or do we live another decade of destruction in the middle of this great battle between the Businessmen and the Diocese? Can this Lockdown become a meltdown of the Catholic Faith in the so Called HUA MING? All we have to do is Pray and pray that God will empower the people to stand for the truth. Now to all BOARD OF TRUSTEES di ba kayo nakokonsiensya sa ginagawa niyo? O gusto niyo lang maghanap ng away? At kayong mga sipsip gumagawa naman kayo ng gulo. LET US NOW WAIT FOR THE NEXT ROUND. I hope no one will make angal, or else we will start another teleserye.