TOP 10 Harassments of Board of Trustees of Hua Ming


We all know that the issue in the Queen of Peace Parish has become the focal point of all in the Diocese of Bacolod. A great battle between the Businessmen of St. John’s Institute and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bacolod. Where the B.O.T. or Board of Trustees strongly growls in their claim for the said church which is Queen of Peace; a beautiful structure in the city that has become a land mark. But here are the top 10 Harrassments of the Board of Trustees against the Priest in the Diocese of Bacolod

#10: THE SALESIAN PRIESTS ENTRY IN THE SCHOOL WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION OF BISHOP NAVARRA (NOW BISHOP EMERITUS OF BACOLOD) – The entry of Don Bosco priest is also a major issue where as the Board of Trustees has called them to run the school in order to “preserve” the school’s Catholic identity has been a source of conflict between the parish (the Queen of Peace Church) and the school. Where the said rumors that the Salesians wants to possess also the parish by themselves. It is a form of a harassment and disobedience.

#9: INVENTING STORIES THAT THE LRMS PRIESTS ARE GAY AND ALSO HAS A GIRLFRIEND. – Priests who are good looking men are often being rumored and given malice. An issue sprung up that a priest who is close to the students, playing basketball is being rumored as a gay and also the other one is accused of having a mistress and a girlfriend. Although it is a crazy made up stories made by the Board of Trustees because the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Institute has become the real identity of the school and the church and providing quality education and spiritual maturity.

#8: USING MONSGINOR SU AS THEIR ALIBIS FOR THEIR OWN INTEREST – Monsginor Su a big name in the school. Is the school’s founding principal Board of Trustees are using him as their alibi and a weapon in order to combat against the Diocese. In my opinion it is a great disgrace to their founder by using him as their excuse to gain their interest.

#7: POSTING THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT THE QUEEN OF PEACE PARISH IS NOW A “CHAPEL” – After the letter from the bishop is released last February 14, 2017, the SJI board of trustees automatically spread the news that the said parish has become a “chapel” and thus it lost it’s territory. But the letter did not state it that it will be a chapel.

#6: PUTTING UP THE TARPULINS AND GIVING A LETTER FROM THEIR LAWYERS THAT THE CONVENT WILL BECOME THEIR OFFICE, CLINIC AND CANTEERN. – The Board of trustees president Cesar Villanueva has sent a letter to the rector Fr. Larida to vacate the convent and leave it to the school since they are the “legal” owners. In fact the deed of donation is given to the diocese. A threat made by the board of trustees a strategy to let the priests and other church workers leave the place.

#5: ACCUSING THE PRIEST AND THE PARISH PASTORAL PRESIDENT OF HARRASSMENT WITH THEIR SO CALLED SALESIAN PARTNERS. – After the installation of Bishop Buzon, the Rector saw the tarpaulins that shows a canteen, a new clinic and also an alumni office and tried to take it down. The parish pastoral council president only got mad with the wrong doings of the salesian priest since he is also putting down his fellow priest. But they were accuse of harassment and slapping the said salesian priest.

#4: HARRASSING MINORS AND CHURCH WORKERS IN PUBLIC – April 1, 2017 a group of Church workers and young volunteers including minors was ordered by the Parish to put up the announcement that there is NO MASS, gate closed by the B.O.T. to be hang in the fances of the church. A certain man of the Board of Trustees the so called Arnel Palanca shouted at them an even threaten them in public. In which it happen during the lockdown of the gates through the order of the B.O.T.

#3: TELLING THE GUARDS TO SHOOT THE PRIEST FOR NOT PASSING IN THEIR GATE – According to our reliable sources Fr. Habana the assistant priest tried to pass by the main gate but the guards reported the said priest to the so called Arnel Palanca. And tried to tell the guards to shoot the priest.

#2: ACCUSING FR. NOLY QUE FOR STEALING MONEY AND OTHER LORENZO RUIZ MISSION SOCIETY PRIESTS IN THE SCHOOL – Fr. Noly Que a good priest in the parish who is one of the pioneers in the golden age of Hua Ming has been accused of stealing money. This strategy of the said Board of Trustees is to make him leave the position including the church.

#1: THE TARPULIN AND THE LOCKDOWN ISSUE – We all know the issue of the tarpaulin and the lockdown. According to some witness Fr. Larida only tapped the stomach of Cesar Villanueva and saying, “Ano gid ang gusto mo?, tapuson ta lang ni” Fr. Larida’s intention is to restore harmony in Queen of Peace but the said person Mr. Cesar called out the news and spread the lies that he was pushed and punched by the Priest. Until he ordered the lockdown of the main gates which is the worst incident in Hua Ming and also the Parish. Bishop Buzon the current Bishop even ordered that there will be no mass until the gates are open.





1 thought on “TOP 10 Harassments of Board of Trustees of Hua Ming”

  1. I prayed that God will send His Army from Heaven and fight with all the devils who causes of all this chaos on His Temple the QPP!
    To the BOT, i believe that the truth shall prevail! Just be ready for the KARMA!


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