The SJI Board of Trustees or B.O.T. are the administrators of the school named St. John’s Institute a school of Filipino Chinese students. The history of the place is so intense that the Church and the businessmen will fight for the true ownership. But the battle sill continues; the wars is getting bigger and bigger like a bomb that is dropped from one place to another. The Real owner the Roman catholic Diocese of Bacolod has several supporting documents but still the Board of Trustees are fighting for it as if they owned it. History tells us that Mons. Su a priest a founding principal of the school said according to the B.O.T., “He who owns the school owns the church.”

The Church Queen of Peace Parish is situated at the same place standing at the lot donated by the Monetelibano family in favor of the Church to promote Chinese Filipino Apostolate. The Church has elevated to be a parish under the reign of Mons. Liu one of the Founding fathers of Hua Ming. Until the 90’s the Lorenzo Mission Institute handled the church until 2015.

The original structure of the B.O.T. is to have priests in order to preserve the Catholic identity of the School but the B.O.T. has screwed priests and did not allowed them to enter the board.

So What has the school become? A Non Sectarian since 2015. What have you become dear members of the Board? Has fame and money blinded you? Because you want to rule the Parish and make it a chapel? Are you bishops? Are priests to manage a church?

HOW AWFUL! Woe unto you! Cesear Villanueva your greed has eaten you like a worm that decays a corps, Mr. Arnel Palanca a mouth that runs the place; careful may be it is the demons that controls it, Arabelle Lopue go shout at your own life cry out loud as if your agenda will win but in the end it will not, Ben Lopue wala ka bang awa? you asked the parishioners and the people to boycott the Mass in 2015 and using Cesar as your pawn to allow the greed to eat you up for the sake of Business; YOU ARE NOT A BISHOP!

And you Mr. Willam Chua alam mo mali ka but your greed made you blind. And you Mr. Coo umalis ka na sa pwesto mo! SHAME ON YOU! YOU DON’T OWN THE CHURCH! THE DIOCESE OWNS THE CHURCH FOR THE PEOPLE AND FOR EVERYONE NOT JUST THE CHINESE FILIPINO BUT FOR THE POOR. Mons. Liu and Su are crying because their mission has been destoryed by the SJI Board of Trustees! The SJI Community and the Alumnis and their friends are now disgusted to the school due to the people who wants the Church and using priests for their greed.



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