The TRUTH: Why Bishop Navarra denied of reverting the Queen Peace Parish to Chapel




Monsignor John Su: “Make the Queen of Peace Parish return to it’s original state as a school Chapel”; Bishop Navarra Denies it.

A letter claimed to be made by Monsinor John Su in 2012 wished to revert the Queen of Peace Parish to a school chapel with a reason that the parochial activities also hampered the school activities. Why did the Bishop (Now the Bishop Emeritus) Denied the wish of the Good Old Mons. SU?

The answer is simple: Monsignori Su is the founding principal of St. John’s Institute as history tells us that Monsignor John Liu is the one who is incharge of the Parish since he was assigned as the Parish Priest of Queen of Peace Church when it was elevated into a parish status. When Fr. Liu died Monsignor Noly Que, LRMS took his place as the parish priest of the said church and it is not Fr. John Su who many still perceived as the successor of Fr. John Liu. Mons. John Su is not the parish priest of the Church therefore he has no authority to tell the bishop to revert it to a chapel. Even if the board of trustees claims, “HE WHO RUNS THE SCHOOL RUNS THE CHURCH.” Let us put into a perspective that even if Mons. Su runs the school he does not run the parish church because it is independent. That is why the BOT the said successors of Mons. Su are growling to get the church of their own agendas.

But hey! Look at the next thing that will happen. B.O.T. s may be successful in this battle in the dark times of the diocese and the parish but in the end the sun will shine and a new springtime will happen until the war is over.


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